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This Roaster verified recipe, is simple and a must have for people who prefer taste that feels less synthetic then a lot of name brand creamers on the market.

It Also doubles as a solid base to experiment with your own flavors.

2 Cups of water

2 Cups of sugar

2 Table spoons of vanilla
1 Quart / 4 Cups of Half & Half

Simply bring the water to a boil, once water is at a rolling boil. Add sugar and take the pot off of the heat. Stir the water and sugar until the sugar dissolves. Now add the Vanilla and stir. Once mixed well, allow the simple syrup to sit until it is room temperature then add to a pitcher with Half and half and mix together.

You may decide to use milk to replace a portion or all of the half and half. Then, you could always experiment other flavors in the syrup. Or in the final product you could decide to add chocolate syrup for a little extra deliciousness.

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