How We Roast

All our beans are ethically sourced and single origin. The products for sale are made in small batches to bring the freshest flavor to you.

Selecting the best Coffee Beans is a lot like selecting the best Grapes for Wine.

Like wine, coffee is grown in different locations and at different altitudes. The flavor of the coffee bean is locked in over time and is affected by the following attributes:

  • The soil the bean is planted in
  • The amount of sun the bean gets
  • The altitude of the farm
  • The amount of stress the coffee bean endures over time
  • When it's harvested.

Each origin requires a different roasting profile and to unlock this flavor, we roast the beans using our Clean Air-Roasted process. This allows us to bring out the true flavor of our beans, quite literally, by roasting them from the inside out and truly developing the flavor profiles of each roast.

The end result is a coffee with full taste that doesn't bite.